Trouble Shooting

Symptom Cause/Remedy
Only the right orange illuminates whilst driving. Faulty sensor,or broken wire/faulty connection between sensor and gauge.
Remedy: replace sensor, or try new sensor lead, or apply 0.75 volts to the connectors, and the green led/s should illuminate.
If not, the gauge lead could be faulty, or the I.C. is faulty.
Any other problem, and the unit needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.
Lights change slowly (they should change faster than you can see).  Clogged sensor 
Remedy: replace sensor, as they can’t be cleaned, other than by driving.
If one is run in a very rich mixture, it can “blank off” with carbon, and running in a correct mixture situation can rejuvenate it.
Lights show lean, but the plug says rich. Clogged sensor.     
Remedy: see above.
Lights track left off the lean end and “go out” as the engine goes through the power peak. Carby parameters are wrong.   
Remedy: Change carby settings, internal or external.
Sometimes it is “unfixable”, as it is weather related, and the carby can’t cope with the demands of the engine.
When the gauge fails to light any LED’s when turned on. Either: battery is flat, or the sensor is faulty, or the polarity of the sensor or lead has been reversed.
Remedy: Charge or replace battery pack, or replace sensor, or check if polarity has been reversed (in the case of a repair).
Reds and ambers light, but not greens. Low battery voltage.    
Remedy: Charge or replace battery
Gauge lights the right amber, but lights go out if the sensor or sensor lead is connected.    Water in connections, or refer 5.    
Remedy: Dry out or replace lead. Inox is a good drying out agent. It helps in wet situations if all leads and connections are pre sprayed with a dewatering fluid.
Gauge goes “on and off” in vibration situations. Faulty or broken connectors.    
Remedy: replace the faulty lead. The connecting should NEVER BE ZIPTIED, and if sealing tape is used, it should be CUT AND APPLIED, NOT WOUND ON AND BUSTED OFF, as this can break the connector.